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5 Tips for Workout Motivation

Have you ever been super motivated to get in shape and workout, but it only lasted a week or a few days? You aren’t the only one. Motivation is great when you have it and can keep it up; however, when you have no motivation, it’s doing nothing but holding you back. Here are some tips to help you stay motivated:

1. Develop a Routine

Have a workout plan for your week set in place before you start your week. Decide what days you are going to do what. For example, I like to have an all-out cardio day where I run at least 6 miles, a day where I do an intense HIIT workout at home, and a day with a workout I call a “lazy girl workout” that I focus on slower pace strength exercises like abs on the ground or a dumbbell circuit. This will help you stick to your workouts. If you wake up in the morning or get off work and plan to workout but have no idea what to do, there is a good chance you won’t do a workout at all.

2. Find Something You Love

It sounds crazy, but I firmly believe that everyone can find something they love. So many people absolutely dread working out but imagine if you could find an exercise/workout you were excited to do! For me, I love to run. I love to run all around town seeing the dogs, the newest construction project, the cars driving by, and it gives me a couple hours to destress. However, if you don’t like running like I do, don’t do it. Here are some ideas for you to try: lap swimming, yoga, Zumba, water aerobics, biking, kayaking.

3. Don’t Pressure Yourself

Lack of motivation can come from you being hard on yourself. If you have a bad workout you might end up feeling worse than when you started but any workout is better than sitting on the couch eating chips. Don’t put that pressure on yourself to have a killer workout every time or to be able to lift heavy, run far, lose weight right away. Recognize when you aren’t in the right mindset for a workout and do a light workout or make it a rest day. Personally, if I have a ton of stuff I need to do when I work out, I can’t think about anything but my incredibly long to do list. That holds me back and makes me less productive. When this happens, I try focus for a fast high intensity workout instead of making it a long less productive work out I know I don’t have time for.

4. Find Your Motivator

What motivated you to work out in the first place? Think about that killer body you want, those 4 donuts you ate that you want to work off, the people you want to prove wrong, the Pinterest quote that inspired you. Whatever it is that drove you to start is what you need to hold on to. Everyone’s motivator is different. A motivator I believe everyone needs is another person. Someone that has the same goals as you or that 100% supports your goals. This person will ask you about your progress, remind you of your goal, or workout with you. Find what inspires you to have a killer workout and go get those gains!!!

5. Music Goes a Long Way

Working out without music is just not an option. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and jam out while you hustle! I either listen to a playlist of my most recent favorites, country (because I love it, perhaps you may choose rock), motivating songs, or a podcast. If you need some play list ideas, I will be posting my favorite Spotify playlists soon!

No one can do your push ups for you.

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