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DIY Scrunchies

Making your own scrunchies is easier than you think! Here is a quick tutorial on how to make your own one of a kind scrunchies.

Supplies needed:

Fabric cut 22 x 3 inches
Cord elastic
Needle & thread or sewing machine
Measure tape

You can customize the length and width of your scrunchies based on how you like it, this is my recommended size. Let’s get started!

Fold the fabric in half inside out so the right sides are together. Pin along the edge.

After you the fabric is pinned, you are ready to sew! Whether you are using needle and thread or a sewing machine, sew all the way long the edge about ΒΌ inch away from the edge.

When the fabric is sewn, it should form a tube. You now need to flip the tube inside out, so the pretty side is facing out. The purpose of this is to give the scrunchy a clean edge. I have found it’s easiest to tuck it into itself and take a pen to keep pushing it through.

Once the fabric has the right side out, it is time for the elastic. The best way to do this is to put the elastic in the cap of the pen, then put the cap on the pen. You can then put the pen into the scrunchie and scrunch the fabric so all of it is on the pen.

Pull the elastic out from the cap and grab the two ends of the elastic so you can take the pen out. Next, tie the ends of elastic together and add a drop of glue to secure it.

You are almost done! Next, tuck the one of the ends into the other like this:

Your last step is to sew over the ends so they do not come apart.

You now have a scrunchie! Your end product should look similar to this:

Thank you so much for using my tutorial! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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